A 11 years old 8B boulderer!

A new star from the Bleau forest

18 November 2021
An exceptional ascent for a very young "bleausard" of incredible level

Tristan Chouvy is the last child prodigy that climbing offers us!

For him there was no better place to be born and grow up than the Fontainebleau forest, the bouldering mecca with infinite possibilities and unparalleled beauty. It is precisely on these sandstone boulders that Tristan regularly climbs accompanied by his parents, a very young bleausard like so many circulating here. At just 11 years old, however, he is not only one of the many children who have the opportunity to experience intense and funny days of climbing, but he is also a climber who is already reaching very high levels!

Last spring Tristan had already climbed one of the most famous lines in the forest, the legendary 8a slab of Duel at Cuisiniére, following his first line of this difficulty which had been Sous le Volcan at Cuvier Rempart.

In these days, however, the further leap in level: the young Chouvy is the first to repeat Lacrima, an 8B always on a slab in the east sector of Rocher Saint-Germain. This boulder problem was climbed by Loic Le Denmat, son of the famous Philippe, one of the most successful bleausards, specialized in the typical ultratechnical "grattons" slabs of the Forest.

Tristan's achievement is undoubtedly of international relevance, and he could be the youngest ever with Oriane Bertone to have reached this difficulty in bouldering.

We remind that the boulder scale, even if using the same notation as the one at the crag, is much more compressed. Even if a comparison is very forced due to the difference between the two disciplines, indicatively an 8B bouldering achievement can be compared in relevance to that of an 8c + / 9a route.

On Tristan's Instagram profile some posts dedicated to his ascent of Lacrima can be found, with some “in action” videos.


Source: Instagram

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