Another 8C for Beto Rocasolano

. . . While Nico Pelorson sends in Bleau

29 November 2017
A significant ascent in his personal climbing history.

Alberto “Beto” Rocasolano adds another significant result to his rich list and in Torrelodones he does the first ascent of an extension of Papà Oso, proposing the 8C.

Beyond the high difficulty of this line, also the history of Beto on this boulder is very significant. On this roof he first sent Vuela 8a+ and in 2011 he did the first ascent of Papà Oso which was his first 8B+ but for which he also suggested an harder extension... Six years later, and after the ascent of many other extreme lines, Beto closes the circle and climbs Papà Oso in its complete and pure version, for a new 8C.

In the meanwhile, news are coming also from the Forest of Bleau where the young Nico Pelorson sends in the same day “L’arrête de Boissy assis” 8B+ and “Hip hop assis” 8B.


Fonte: Desnivel / Planetgrimpe

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