The ascent of Bügeleisen by Zan Sudar

Second boulder of this grade for the slovenian climber

14 December 2017
The strong slovenian climber on the masterpiece opened by Klem Loskot

After dreaming and desiring it, the strong slovenian climber Zan Sudar won the prize! The ascent of Bügeleisen, 8B+ masterpiece by Klem Loskot in Maltatal, Austria.
The 19-years old Zan already climbed his first 8B+ in his country two months ago, with Beginning of the End by Urh Čehovin. For Bugeleisen he needed only 4 sessions and in the same day he also climbed the famous Wrestling with an Alligator 8B.

Here's his comment:

“I always took some time and hiked to Bugeleisen to touch the starting holds and admire the angle of the overhang, I watched Klem do it countless times on video and always dreamt of doing the climb once in my life… it was always my dream but never wanted to try it, I felt so much respect and even fear towards that problem […] This winter I felt pretty strong and light so I decided to put some effort into actually doing the climb […]I was really surprised how quickly I did the moves and link them up“

Considering the meaning of this line for him, the next logical step is the sit-start version clmbed by Nalle Hukkataival...



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