Christof Rauch sends Iron Knuckles!

The Austrian climbers goes on exploring and opening extreme boulder problems in Karnten.

16 May 2017

After the recent first ascent of Guardian of the Galaxy, 8B+, whose movie can be seen on our page, Christof Rauch finally sends what he defines  “one of his biggest fights” for his hardest boulder up to now.

It is another line located in Karnten (Austria), where Rauch is creating a true paraside for the high difficulty. This new boulder, called Iron Knuckles and graded 8C, is the connection of a crack of 8A+ itself with Hard Knock Life, 8B. About 20 moves and another possible and harder exit still to be climbed...

Another peculiar feature: this boulder requires an approach of 50 minutes, demonstrating again the significant exploring spirit that Rauch is adopting and promoting.

Here’s his comment about this result on his page:

"Perfect moment! Surely one of the biggest fights I've ever had, and definitely the hardest problem I have ever climbed. I feel in really good shape at the moment and I've never put so much effort in a single boulderproblem. I just really wanted to climb this thing and it was always fun to try those moves. The problem links a perfect shaped crack with a little feet first section, about 8A+ at itself, into "Hard Knock Life" 8B, all in all about 20 hard moves into a 6C+ topout. And there is still an harder exit...
About the grade, maybe it's a soft 8C but it's definitely harder than all the 8B+ I've done. All together I worked on this beast about 14 sessions.
Two hours after my ascent it started to rain really heavy, so i got soaked on the 50 minutes walk back to the car."


Let’s wait for many other significant results by this climber.




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