Facundo Langbehn, the first chilean climber on an 8C

The Nest in Red Rocks for him

15 December 2017
With this ascent, he is also the second climber from South America on an 8C after Felipe Camargo


Historical result for Chile!

Facundo Langbehn sent The Nest, 8C in Red Rocks, Nevada becoming the first chilean climber sending a line of this grade.

This is also the fifth ascent after the first one by Daniel Woods in 2013, followed by Jimmy Webb (as reported in the video), Paul Robinson and Nalle Hukkataival.


These are the comments by Facundo:

“I just sent The Nest and I can’t be happier right now. I’ve been trying to get where I am right now for so long, that the feeling of achieve my life dream of push my limit in the sport that I love is amazing. Thanks a lot to everyone who help me in this process.”


The day after he also climbed Meadowlark Lemon Sit 8B+ and Reflecting Pool 8B


Fonte: gripped.com

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