Giuliano Cameroni repeats The Big Island

The famous 8C in Fontainebleau.

14 March 2018
Another great result for the young swiss climber

We don't have many information, and the swiss climber Giuliano Cameroni has not released yet any comment about his last ascent.

We know only that, in Fontainebleau, Giuliano sent The Big Island, a reference as an 8C boulder. It is one of the most famous lines in the forest, and probably the most repeated 8C in the world, both for its beauty and its localtion in the world's bouldering mecca.

Cameroni already demonstrated a lot of experience on these difficulties: in addition to several  8Bs and 8B+s, many of which are first ascents, in the past he already climbed 8C boulders, such as The Story of Two Worlds, Der Mir Dem Fels Tanz and the first ascent of Hazel Grace, all in Ticino, his homeland.

Now, a confirmation of his skills in the area where everything begun!



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