Kaddi Lehmann is the second woman on an 8C boulder!

In Barsthal she sends Kriptos, a line by Franz Widmer

14 June 2018
A pure and hard line of which Kaddi does the third ascent after Widmer and Fred Nicole.


An exceptional, unexpected female ascent that sees in the German climber Kaddi Lehmann the second woman to reach the 8C boulder !!

In the Swiss area of ​​Balsthal, Lehmann has managed to send Franz Widmer's Kriptos, 8C boulder (see above the video of his first ascent) so far only repeated by the great Fred Nicole.

That of Kaddi is therefore the third ascent of this line, which projects her into the Olympus of female bouldering, where up to now only Ashisma Shiraishi has reached such a significant milestone, still missing in the curriculum of climbers like Alex Puccio or Anna Stoehr.

Note that so far the German never went beyond the 8B, reached in 2015 in Rocklands with the ascent of the highly popular Fragile Steps. The ascent of Kriptos is therefore a great leap forward also in his personal climbing career!

As seen from the video, Kriptos is a limestone line of about ten intense movements on small holds. Recall that the first two 8C climbed by Shiraishi in 2016, Horizon to Mt. Hiei (Japan) and Sleepy Rave in Australia, are lines of no less than 30 movements, so a bit far from the common definition of a bouldering line. Therefore we could dare to say that Kriptos may be the first female 8C boulder in the true sense of the word ...

 Here's the comment by Kaddi:

“I knew in May I wouldn’t have much time. Since it was so warm already, I drove to the area after work late in the evening. I only arrived at midnight. Slept there, got up at 6am, had coffee and some breakfast, cycled or walked up to the boulder, tried some moves, cycled down to the car, drove back and went straight to work. It was hard to get up so early and try hard. People who know me, know that I am not really an early morning person. But all that effort was worth it. I thought even if it didn't work out, I had a nice time outside. And then on the 14th of May I was able totop out this boulder”



Fonte: 8a.nu / Onbouldering.com

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