Niky Ceria and the first repetition of Shantaram

During his journey in Norway Niccolò needs only three days to send the hardest boulder by Bernd Zangerl

08 September 2017

A very good news coming from Norway!

Since a few days, Niky Ceria started his new trip with destination Norway and when Nic is travelling great results are coming soon. In his continuous search for majestic lines Niccolò accomplished the mission with an extraordinary result: today he sent indeed Shantaram, the masterpiece by Bernd Zangerl located close to Trondheim and which had no repetitions up to now.

After a few trips in three years, in june 2013 Zangerl did the first ascent of this incredible boulder: more than 20 moves on a great roof and according to Bernd, his hardest boulder at that time. As usual, he did not propose any grade but based on his previous ascents, it should be probably 8c or even more.

Also Niccolò, who announced his ascent of Shantaram on his Facebook profile, did not propose any grade and reported that only three days have been required to climb it.

After a finger injury which stopped him for a few months, now Niky is back and we are all happy for this!




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