Penrsode Step, 8B+ for Alex Puccio

Fourth boulder of this grade for her

05 April 2018
In Leavenworth another great ascent for Alex

One year ago Alex Puccio failed at the end of this line and was then stopped by the rain…a frustrating situation and a loss of motivation for sure! But not for her…

After a few months, she came back in Leavenworth, in Washington state where she finally sent Penrose Step, an 8B+ by Carlo Traversi and that in last November has been repeated also by Anna Stöhr for the first female ascent.

Together with Jade, The Wheel of Chaos and New Base Line, this is the fourth 8B+ for Puccio, who so describes her ascent:

"AMAZING!!! Revenge after getting robbed a year ago when I fell off the very end and then the rain came in. It went down second day this trip and I tried it I think 2 days last time. So took 4 maybe 5 days in total split over the two trips. What an AWESOME line!!! :)"



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