The Dolorock Climbing Festival took place this year, despite the not very magnanimous weather.

29 May 2019
To the delight of the organizing committee, the Gamatzn climbing association, they met in Sesto climber from everywhere.

Regardless of the rain, the contest participants proved to be numerous and interested in the outdoor cinema initiative proposed by the Gamatzn boys.

The Festival was inaugurated on Friday during the film screening at the drive in the Nordic Arena, in Dobbiaco.

On Saturday 200 participants competed in the Val di Landro rock gyms, competing at the Red Point Fight. In the women's field, Katrin Mair was reconfirmed as a female professional, followed by Carmen Brugger, while Jana Messner took third place. In the male professional category Daniel Siller triumphed, followed by Patrick Tirler and Mathias Senfter.

In the junior category, the women's victory went to Elisabeth Lardschneider, followed by Alea Steger and Madlen Marinelli. For the male equivalent, the first prize went to Philip Widmair, ahead of Daniel Watschinger and Jakob Kofler.

On Sunday, next to the Dolorock camp, athletes were offered a climbers brunch and a session of yoga for climbers.

The appointment at the Dolorock Climbing Festival is now set for next year!

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