A great start for Stefan Scarperi in Maltatal

In few tries he sends Bugeleise

28 February 2020
Stefan has great projects in Austria...


Facts alreasy demonstrated that Stefan Scarperi is one of the strongest italian boulderers, and also one of those with the potential probably still not completely expressed. This is demonstrated by the ease with which he sent rapidly very hard boulders, as occurred on several occasions last summer in Rocklands and as it happened yesterday.

Stefan is indeed in Maltatal, the historic Austrian area where the legendary Klem Loskot has climbed many bouldering milestones. Among these Bügeleisen, an incredible overhanging wall with with crimps evaluated 8B+, that Loskot first ascended in 2001 in the stand version and that 13 years later Nalle Hukkataival climbed in the sit start version, evaluating it 8C/+.

As he reports on his instagram profile, on the first day in Maltatal and in few attempts, Scarperi climbed the standing version of Loskot... and he is now willing to try the sit ...

So let's hope to talk about this further realization soon!


News: Instagram

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