Alex Megos sends the hardest boulder in Frankenjura!

The 20 years project of Upgrade U

08 July 2020
Megos leaves his mark also on the boulder problems of the historic German area


Frankenjura is not a place where we find only the many crags on which indelible pages of history have been written, but we can also find numerous boulder lines, scattered here and there in the woods and often characterized by high difficulties!

In this context, the German rock star Alex Megos has now left his mark not only with the rope, with the first ascent of a boulder that in his opinion is the hardest one in Franken up to now.

Alex has in fact dedicated himself to a project found about twenty years ago and tried without success by many climbers: a roof on tiny holds where finding the right beta is the key to success. Precisely this was the initial concern of Megos until the solution, after which, however, he required another 10 days of attempts and further adjustments to the beta to get to the first ascent.

Upgrade U, 8C is born, which the German announces only today on Instagram but apparently dates back to some time ago:

“Sometimes it's time to flip a page, introduce you to some new boulders and "Upgrade U" (8C). It was a cool process and my phase of bouldering in the Frankenjura this spring ended with a first ascent, which probably is the hardest boulder in the Frankenjura now.”

Above we can see the video by Hans Radetki, which well describes the process of Megos in the ascent of this very intense line!


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