Also Brooke Raboutou sends the 8B+ boulder!

The great shape of Didier’s and Robyn’s daughter

21 May 2020
Two 8B and her first 8B+ in RMNP


An exceptional flash news, featuring Brooke Raboutou, Shawn's sister and daughter of one of the historic couples of climbing, the one formed by Didier Raboutou and Robyn Erbesfield!

We already know the great results in bouldering of her brother Shawn, as well as Brooke, who distinguished herself since she was very young age and, now nineteen, is one of the US athletes qualified for Tokyo2020.

 In addition to the successes in competitions, these days have been great for her in bouldering on rock!

In fact, from her Instagram page we learned about some of her great climbs in Colorado: six days ago Brooke sent Chimichanga 8B in Coal Creek, the day before yesterday The Wheel of Fortune 8B in Boulder Canyon while it is only of a few hours ago the announcement of the ascent of Muscle Car, 8B + again in Coal Creek and her first of this grade!

Soon, the Mellow Youtube channel is expected to publish the uncut video of the climb.

At the moment we have no other information on this latest ascent, with which Brooke Raboutou becomes one of the very few women in the world to reach this difficulty!


News: Instagram


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