Barks, Wientjes and Zenerino: weekend on fire!

Hard ascents up tp 8C+

06 September 2021
Flash news from the last few days on the boulders

A few days of stop and then a return to remarkable results! This is what the last few days have shown us, with some notable repetitions and significant climbs also for Italian bouldering!

Let’s start from afar and in particular from Colorado: this is where a hitherto unknown climber bursts into the international scene and who, after having climbed the 8B/C of White Noise at Wild Basin in mid-August, now sends an 8C+ by jumping even the "C"! The newcomer in question is Dylan Barks, an athlete from Michigan and a member of the USA national team who, with the 9a, does not joke even at the crag. Now, in RMNP, Barks shows all his level by repeating Creature from the Black Lagoon, 8C+, the famous line by Daniel Woods that only a few days ago had also witnessed the repeat of Andy Lamb. The best international consecration for him!

Another climber who was great for his debut was Florian Wientjes, author in March of this year of the first ascent of the sit start of the legendary Bokassa's Fridge in Kochel. Florian now demonstrates that that result was not just a lucky chance, but that his level is rather solid and high. In fact, at the Gotthard he succeeded in the second ascent of the sit version of Hazel Grace, a variant recently climbed by Giuliano Cameroni to the classic 8B + stand line. Wientjes confirms the 8C, as proposed by Cameroni.

Finally, Cristian Zenerino is the author of a significant repetition Champorcher: Gliese 581 perhaps the most iconic, as well as hard, boulder of this beautiful area in the Aosta Valley. A line first climbed by Niky Ceria that is now a must for high level Italian boulderers. Cristian's one is in fact a repetition that follows those of Gabriele Moroni, Paul Robinson, Edoardo Bocchio Vega, Marcello Bombardi, Marco Zanone, Emanuele Gex and Luca Rinaldi. The video of Cristian's ascent on his Instagram profile.


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