Double sent also for Nico Januel!

Belial, another 8C in Bleau

07 October 2021
The coach of the French national team climbs another extreme boulder of the Forest!


Like Yves Gravelle, who sent two of his 8C projects in Quebec in just a few days, Nico Januel also sent a seccond one, shortly after finishing the siege of The Big Island last week.

The new result arrives with an ultra-compressed line (on boulder of the legendary L’areodynamite, in the most historic sector of the Fontainebleau forest: Bas-Cuvier!

In 2017, Charles Albert had in fact climbed a boulder problem on practically non-existent holds, a project for years in this temple of climbing. The result was Belial, 8C, two movements on extremely tiny handholds to then re-establish on top of the boulder.

Two years later Belial was repeated by Jimmy Webb (who proposed 8B+) and there are no further public repeats, so this latest ascent by Nico should be the third.

The video on his Instagram profile.


Source: Instagram

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