Box Therapy, the fourth 8C+ by Daniel Woods

Daniel sends his great project above 3000 meters high

01 November 2018
In Rocky Mountain National Park a new boulder among the most extreme in the world is born!


This year saw an impressive Daniel Woods, with results at the world top also on the routes as well as in the boulder.

The last major achievement comes in extremis, before the winter put an end to any possible attempt. The latest project by Woods is in fact in the RMNP, at an altitude of almost 3200 meters and requires 10 km of walking, often with the need to open the track in the snow. In short, a boulder of great character that represents all the beauty of bouldering in its creativity.

The snow came anyway and made life complicated for Daniel, who had to clear the boulder from snow and ice in addition to the three hours of walking.

Still, it was worth it! 18 dream moves on a 50 degrees overhang, on micro-grips for steel fingers ... in short, Woods perfect style.

This is Box Therapy, sent on 29 October and which Daniel grades 8C+. This is his fourth of the grade, all first ascents and lines among the hardest in the world beyond Burden of Dreams... that consecrate even more the US climber as one of the strongest climbers in history.

The boulder on which this new creature of Woods runs was discovered by Tommy Caldwell in 2007/2008, where he sent the 8A + of Spread Eagle, to which Box Therapy adds several movements with a sit start. A few tiny holds, bad footholds with crux movement to connect with the stand start in campus board style... an 8B+/8C to reconnect to Caldwell's 8A+, for a very "old-style" line.

In short, a new world testpiece is born and will wait in the snow for the arrival of spring and some top climbers motivated to make the first repeat ...

Let's see only who will engage in a block of such character and commitment!



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