Cameroni and Puccio strike again!

The latest ascent in the United States

31 May 2019
8B for Alex and 8B/C for Giuliano

Here are the latest updates from high difficulty bouldering, directly from RMNP!

After staying in Ticino for a few weeks with the countless results we talked about so much, the team of stars including Giuliano Cameroni emigrated to the United States.
In the last few days the weather has not been favorable, but this has not prevented Giuliano from obtaining immediately the ascent of the 8B+ of Memory is Parallax.

Now here is another nice ascent, that Cameroni announces from his instagram page: Topaz, well-known 8C at the Wild Basin, that Giuliano so comments:

“Made an ascent of Topaz (8B+/C) in Wild Basin! I tried it briefly 3 years ago with 0 success, this time everything aligned and after some work it went down 2nd Go from the start. Hard 8b+, easy 8c? Hard to say, feels like many boulders in these ranges share the same difficulty haha.. maybe a slash grade is appropriate for some of these climbs?“


In addition to Giuliano, Alex Puccio also returned from Switzerland to her homeland and in the Flagstaff area she climbs her 27th 8B with Epochalypse:

"First time trying this extension to Trice. We went up to just hang out and have a little climb and then I found that I could repeat Trice pretty easily so decided to put some extra moves into it and sent! Went quite quickly. Now for a fun park day tomorrow!"

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