Chris Sharma, Catalan Witness the Fitness FA

The grade? "An 8b/+ into a 8a+"

05 January 2016

The King remains the King and Sharma remains Sharma. Wittily we say that for name and grade he is a little confused but this is the best way to live climbing. King Chris in fact realized the FA of a new boulder line at Cova de Ocell (where he climbed El Bon Combat…).

This is what he writed on his social: "I had a great start to the new year by sending the Catalan Witness the Fitness at Cova de Ocell. I've been trying this line on and off for quite some time so it felt good to see it through finally. It's been great process getting back into the bouldering groove! I'm not so sure about the grade but it's something like an 8B/+ into a 8A+, so whatever that means. It will be really cool to see more climbers try it and get their opinion".

“An 8B/+ into a 8A+”? This is Chris, only he can do this! And the name? Do you remember? Witness the Fitness is naturally another boulder opened always by Chris some years ago. 8c Witness in USA and 8c or similar in Spain. The King remains the King…

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