Christof Rauch finally sedns From Dirt Grows the Flowers

The austrian climber back in Chironico where he climbs this 8C by Graham

28 January 2019
Another 8C in the great curriculum of Christof


At the end of 2018, Christof Rauch went successfully to Chironico, where he did the ascent of Big Kat 8B + and Der mit dem Fels tanzt 8C, going also very close to climb From Dirt Grows the Flowers, the most famous 8C of Chironico, opened by Dave Graham in 2005.

So he had no other way than coming back soon in Ticino... which he promptly did, finally dominating this difficult mantle...


Here's what Christof tells us...let's remind that he is not a professional climber, but a full-time electrician:

"Finally! Should have done it on the last day of my New Years trip but messed it up 6 times at the mantle. Tried it 2 times a few years back but couldn’t do this nasty mantle. This year it felt much better and I managed to send it on my 5 sessions of the year. Such an iconic line established by the master Dave Graham! More than happy to put it down!"



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