8C again for Christof Rauch

Dust Devil in Saalachtal for Christof, who suggests the 8B+.

14 November 2018
The strong Austrian climber sends another extreme line by Bernhard Schwaiger

Christof Rauch,who in the last three years has become one of the main protagonists of the world bouldering, is back again on extreme difficulties.

We are still, in Austria, in Saalachtal,  where the Schwaiger brothers have climbed in the past extreme lines on the limestone of the area.

Rauch had already repeated two of them, the 8C of Zunami and Sound of Silence, and now announces on instagram the repetition of Dust Devil, 8C by Bernhard Schwaiger.

So Christof describes the ascent:

"The good conditions are finally back here in Austria. Last weekend I went to the Saalachtal to try Bernhard Schwaigers "Dust Devil", originally graded 8C. I felt quite strong and with some pretty good conditions I nabbed the second ascent of this great line. For the grade, I think 8B+ fits better."

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