From the second female flash 8a+ in history... the hardest boulder in Ireland!

15 June 2020
The great ascents of the last few days


There is no doubt that these last few weeks have been exceptional for women's ascents! The last one we reported was the nice repeat of Mysterio in Fontainebleau by Caroline Sinno, and it is precisely in Bleau that we are now returning with a truly remarkable exploit.

Indeed, also Charlotte André, 21-year-old national athlete originally from southern France, in the last few days she has taken advantage of the good conditions still present in the forest. In the Petit Bois sector, three days ago Charlotte tried the ultra-technical and ultra-fingery line of “Le Mur du Son Assis”, an 8a+ opened by Nico Januel… and climbed it flash !!!

This is the second time that a woman manage to climb flash a boulder problem of this difficulty, an exploit that only Ashima Shiraishi could accomplish before (with Lethal Design in Red Rocks).

On website there is an extensive interview with Charlotte about her great ascent, which reveals another young world bouldering star to the world.


From France to Ireland, where local climber Rob Hunter climbed in Fairhead what becomes Ireland's hardest boulder problem! Rob added a sit start characterized by some hard movements on crimps to the Blondie line opened by Dan Varian and which he had already repeated in January.

As we can see from the photo, taken from the video published by Rob on his Instagram profile, Blondie Sit Start is a remarkable and daring highball, placed in a truly magnificent context. Moreover, with its 8B+ difficulty, it is the hardest boulder problem in the country.


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