Daniel Woods does it: Return of Sleepwalker, 9A!

The american climber sends his project in Red Rocks

03 April 2021
A story of perseverance and dedication that takes shape in the second 9A boulder problem in the world!


Bomb!!!! But we knew it, and the certainties that Daniel Woods would have seny it were greater than doubts!

For weeks he had been in Red Rocks fighting to climb the sit start of the legendary Sleepwalker: a project that was open since 2019, when Jimmy Webb climbed the wonderful stand line and Daniel himself made the second ascent.

Since then Sleepwalker has become the symbol of this great area in ​​Nevada and many top climbers have gone there on a “pilgrimage” and some of them have managed to get the ascent of this extremely intense line.

But the sit start remained there: an initial section of 8B connecting with the stand of 8C+. No rest in about fifteen movements, of which the simplest alone is 7C boulder ... a monster that had bewitched Woods and on which he returned this year at the height of his motivation.

Over the past few weeks, the American has shown us all the steps of his process, the continuous improvements, longer and longer sections climbed, up to the attempts in which he really went closer and closer to realization! It was in the air then, but it is clear that for a line of this hardness, every minor detail could postpone the climb to the future.

However, the process ended in success: Return of Sleepwalker is born, and the proposal is 9A!

After No Kpote Only and the very recent Soudain Seul, both considered for some time the second 9A in the world but then re-evaluated below, this line by Woods is therefore officially the second problem in history to have this difficulty, at the top together with Burden of Dreams ... and this time that’s right!


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