Two 8C+ for Williams and Raboutou!

Great ascents in US

30 December 2020
The first ascent of Big Z and the fifth ascent of Sleepwalker


We add to wait just the time to let Christmas pass and here we have a couple of impressive ascents in bouldering!

Not one, but two 8C+ by Shawn Raboutou, who we already know well, and the newcomer Nathan Williams, who has been unknown till now.

Let's start with the latter: his entry on the world stage of bouldering could not have come with a more devastating bomb, since Nathan chose one of the hardest boulders in the world to do it ... The legendary Sleepwalker line in Red Rocks!

Sent by Jimmy Webb in early 2019 and then repeated by Daniel Woods and Nalle Hukkataival, in January 2020 the fourth ascent was done by Drew Ruana. Yesterday Williams did the fifth one and, considering the power of those who preceded him, it is certainly the best way to show his full potential! We have no other information about this guy, but from a look at his Instagram profile (where he also announced the ascent of Sleepwalker) it seems that before this latest exploit his maximum results were a couple of 8B+.


From a rookie to a veteran, albeit still very young! After some time without news of him, Shawn Raboutou returns with an exceptional result: in the Lake Tahoe area he climbs Big Z, for which he proposes the 8C+. We have no other news in this regard and Shawn did not give further details in the instagram post with which he announced this first ascent.


Finally, we mention a couple of interesting Christmas climbs, remaining for the first again in US. At Buttermilks, on 26 December the very strong Katie Lamb sent her sixth 8B of the year, climbing The Swarm in seven sessions.

Back in Europe, where in the Austrian Villach, on 24 December Nicolai Uznik (who recently became famous for the fourth ascent of Bugeleisen Sit), climbed his second 8C with a first ascent: nine sessions to send the intense line of Witchcraft, of which we can see the video on his Instagram profile.


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