Drew Ruana and the first repeat of Box Therapy!

...and the 8B of the female dreamteam of RMNP

18 July 2020
A great day on the boulders in Colorado


At the end of October 2018 Daniel Woods completed the epic battle that allowed him to climb his fourth 8C+, Box Therapy.

Every day of attempts he did 13 miles of walking in the snow to reach this boulder at over 3000 meters in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, often having to clean it from snow and ice before he could try to connect some extreme movements on crimps to the pre-existing 8a+ of Spread Eagle by Tommy Caldwell.

Finally, Woods managed to climb this new line that he named Box Therapy and which, with its 8C+, is one the hardest in the world.

Since then, no one had ever hired to repeat it, probably also because of its remote location... which is actually an added value!

But here comes the young Drew Ruana, who in September already climbed an 8C+ with the fourth ascent of the legendary Sleepwalker in Red Rocks. Drew was not intimidated by the long approach and with a nice team of friends he dedicated himself to Box Therapy, doing the first repeat today, as reported on his Instagram page.

Another very important result that makes the American one of the most interesting protagonists of the current world bouldering scene!


However, it's not just Ruana that sets the RMNP on fire!

In fact, the 8B repetitions go on of what is now a trio of very strong girls of boulderer, that is Alex Puccio, Brooke Raboutou and Natalia Grossman.

Yesterday Alex repeated the line of Doppelgänger Poltergeist (8B), risking, in the case of a fall, to take a nice frozen bath in the melting pool of the snow still present under the boulder.

Today, however, Brooke Raboutou and Natalia Grossman repeated another 8B on the same boulder, The Shining, which instead comes out straight compared to Doppelgänger Poltergeist, even more exposed above the pool! Natalia had indeed to take a small bath... before succeeding in climbing this line!

All the announcements of these climbs are reported on their Instagram pages.


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