8B+ for Edoardo Bocchio Vega and Michael Piccolruaz!

From Magic Wood to Silvretta the latest italian sends.

04 September 2019
Two historical boulders for two of our best boulderers!

In time of South African monopoly, here are significant climbing news also from other historical summer areas like Magic Wood and Silvretta, involving in particular two strong Italian climbers!

Indeed, in Magic Edoardo Bocchio Vega succeeded in sending the legendary The Never Ending Story I + II, 8B+ and one of the most representative boulders of this wood.

On his instagram page so he describes his experience:

“Things like this boulder remind me that we must be patient and determined if we want to overcome our limits and realize our dreams. We live in a world where everything is running fast, our economies, our societies, our lives Seems like slowing down is something old school, obsolete. If you really want to do something just take your time and you'll find a way.”

From Switzerland to Austria with Michael Piccolruaz. For him one of the historical boulders by Bernd Zangerl in Silvretta, the 8B+ of Memento, a line considered at that time among the hardest ones in the world.

News: instagram/8a.nu

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