Fultz and Baroud: again 8C boulder!

From RMNP to Bleau with the myths of The Game and The Big Island

23 January 2020
An update on the latest top ascents in bouldering


After a few days of calm, other 8C ascents arrive again!

The first takes us to Colorado, in Boulder Canyon (RMNP) where Matt Fultz reconfirms as one of the most top American boulderers of the moment.

For him it comes the repetition of The Game, an 8C sent in 2010 by Daniel Woods and then repeated by Carlo Traversi, Jon Cardwell, Jimmy Webb and Ryuichi Murai. Originally graded 8C+ by Wood, it has been then re-evaluated at 8C, also due to improvement of some holds that would have allowed new sequences.

As reported on instagram, in Fultz's opinion it would still be 8C+ and in any case the hardest line that he has climbed so far. Moreover, he recently climbed also an 8B flash, Iron Resolution.

From now well-known Matt Fultz to the much less well-known bleausard Maxime Baroud.

As reported on the Grimper.com website, Maxime took advantage of the favorable climatic conditions to send his big project in Bleau: The Big Island 8C! 15 sessions to climb this famous line, of which he reports a video on his Instagram page, where he also comments the ascent:

“I did The Big Island 8C today! This boulder made me dream and in recent times even prevented me from sleeping knowing that it was within my reach! In the first session at the end of September I found this boulder impossible and then by force of attempts the sequences unlocked, up to the top of this classic".


News: 8a.nu / grimper.com / Instagram

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