Great first ascents from USA to South Africa!

And other relevant repeats

17 June 2019
Update on the latest bouldering news


It was obvious that great news would have been coming soon from Rocklands, but in this case the news is even more relevant for the quality of the new line born on the South African sandstone.

Giving life to a new masterpiece of world bouldering is Jimmy Webb, who already arrived in South Africa in past days. Here he dedicated to a line that he already discovered a few years ago, finally climbing it now. The result is The Healing, 8B + and it is enough to look at the picture to be breathless! A marked overhang rising very high from the ground... a line like few in the world!

Here are Jimmy's comments from his instagram page:

“Finally back in my favorite place on earth. My first main objective of the trip was to revisit an old line I envisioned 4 years ago. It’s a 25 foot 45 degree wall with just enough holds to climb it. Back then I could imagine it going, but just didn’t have the guts to delve in. This year though, with the help and psych from Arjan de Kock and Keenan Takahashi, I was able to put down one of the absolute best lines I’ve ever touched. ‘The Healing’ V14 FA “

From South Africa, we fly to RMNP, where Giuliano Cameroni is climbing strong together with Daniel Woods. After quickly repeating a couple of 8B+, Giuliano leaves his signature by sending a new extreme testpiece in the Upper Chaos sector: Blade Runner, an "easy" 8C that reconnects to the well-known Jade and that Giuliano so comments on from his 8a .nu profile:

“Beautiful moves, start on the obvious jug and climb up and right till the big rail of jade, then same topout. was close on the direct proj but the crux foot got smashed off the wall before I got another chance.. a horrible act of jealousy.. felt a notch harder than domestic cat and jade, so low end 8c seems appropriate. time will tell”


Besides them are also Matt Fultz and Isabelle Faus are climbing very strong!

For Matt here is the repetition of another 8C, in this case at Mt Evans in the Lincoln Lake sector. This is Delirium, a well-known and hard line first climbed by Jimmy Webb.

For Isabelle, instead, a nice first ascent in Coal Creek. Here she sends a new 8B, which she renames Gold Rush.


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