The hardest boulder in UK for Aidan Roberts!

In Coniston, Aidan sends Superpower, 8C/+

16 September 2020
In England, the next step for the new generation

That Aidan Roberts was the future of British (and world) bouldering was already clear since a few time ...

This strong and young climber had impressed the Americans of the RMNP last summer, easily sending many reference lines and leaving his signature with Railway's first ascent, 8C.

Just a few days ago we heard about him on the occasion of another 8C first ascent, Outliers, this time in Trowbarrow, in England, his country, and in the same days when another young English star, Will Bosi, climbed the 8C of Serenata on the Impossible Roof of Roche Abbey.

Hearing about 8C ascent is now on the agenda... if we are not in the UK!

The British climbers have never joked and climbing hard in their area is another story! In fact, until now 8C bouldering was almost a myth in UK, if not a taboo, as if before reaching that grade it was still necessary to take a good leap. This is the reason why there are very few 8Cs, mostly very recent and not repeated.

Serenata was the first: first ascended by Mike Adams in 2015, it was then repeated only by Ned Feehally, Dawid Skoczylas and Will Bosi. In 2018 we have The World is Yours at Biblin's Cave by James Squire, who then sends Ambition in 2020. Both of these lines are currently not repeated. Also from 2020 is the aforementioned Outliers by Roberts, obviously still not repeated. And stop.

Until yesterday!

From his Instagram page, Aidan announced the first ascent of Superpower, his long-standing project in Coniston, Cumbria. In his opinion, this is a harder boulder problem than the 8C he has climbed in his career and he timidly suggests the 8C/+!

Here is what he reports:

“The second of my top projects. In terms of pure difficulty and minimalism, this one takes the top spot and undoubtedly barges it’s way to my hardest climb to date whilst also aligning perfectly with my style. Steep, body tension, wide moves and small crimps and, from my experience, possibly one of the best of it’s style I’ve come across.

Over the past 4 years or so I’ve tried it on and off, never really linking more than a couple of moves and never feeling close to linking the full sequence. I knew I was currently climbing well but, until I had a session dropping the last hard move, my confidence for this climb eluded me. The satisfaction and disbelief when standing atop of this massive boulder will not be one I’ll forget in a hurry.

Dreading the topic of difficulty, I’ll admit I’m out of my depth with this one. Having never really tried much of the top end bouldering it’s hard to understand where this sits, though comparing to the ones which I have, it feels as though it sits a difficulty above any 8C I have tried. I’m not yet so willing to commit to this new territory with so little experience so, despite it’s slightly lame nature, will propose the annoying slash grade of 8C/+. Perhaps some more clarity will arise once I’ve developed a little more experience of cutting edge climbing.”

Beyond a "+" or not, this is probably the hardest boulder problem in the whole UK, by a young boy, who with his strength will be surely heard again!


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