The Scottish mutant: 9b+ for Will Bosi!

In Spain an incredible number of climbs, even in bouldering

02 April 2021
Traveling between Siurana and Margalef, Bosi does not miss anything ...

A year ago Will Bosi impressed the world with a quick 9b ascent of La Capella at Siurana, thanks to which he became the second UK climber with Steve McClure to have climbed this difficulty and the first to do it outside UK. Will, who in any case was already a promise of climbing, then further showed his potentialities, with very high level climbs also in bouldering.

Now, just over a year after that international coronation, he is back in Spain, and in the first part of March he experienced a period of performance like few in climbing so far.

Let's start immediately from the bomb, the first ascent of King Capella that, with its 9b+, not only sends him in that Olympus where only Adam Ondra, Chris Sharma, Alex Megos, Stefano Ghisolfi and Jakob Schubert are now, but which makes him the strongest UK climber up to now.

At Siurana Will tried indeed this project bolted by David Brasco immediately to the left of La Capella: a similar style, a succession of fingery boulders and dynamic moves, which in his opinion are much harder. To close La Capella, it took three sessions, now the same number of sessions have been required to solve the first section alone of the route. Another seven were then needed to Bosi to climb the entire King Capella, justifying the proposed 9b+.

But that's not all! In the same days, Will has climbed two other projects in Siurana!

The first, bolted by Beto Rocasolano, has a crux section of 16 extreme moves to connect to an 8b: the result is La Furia de Jabali, for another remarkable 9b! The second is instead a project by Dani Andrada which under his fingers became Last Night, 9a.

Was that enough for him? Absolutely not! In Siurana, as we know, we can also bouldering, on an overhanging rocky bar that has become very popular among top climbers. On it, Bosi repeated the best known line, Bhai Bon's 8B+, and then also sent Bhai Po (8B+), Bhai Ji (8B+), Hurrikuto (8B) and the hardest boulder problem, Bhai Kakata 8B/C . And why not leave his signature too? Here Will makes the FA Ulls de Bruixa, according to him one of the most beautiful boulders he has ever climbed and for which he proposed the 8C, thus climbing even the hardest boulder problem in this famous Spanish area.

For Siurana that’s all, but not the journey, which had another destination: Margalef!

Let's make it short, in this other climbing mecca Will repeated the 9a+ of First Ley, followed by the 9a of La Ley Indignata and Estado Critico.

An incredible trip, with a concentration of so many ascents probably never seen before ... showing to the world that the era inaugurated by Adam Ondra is becoming populated by other great protagonists!


News: UKClimbing / Instagram

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