In Japan bouldering does not stop!

Great ascents for Nomura Shinichiro, Rei Kawamata e Ryuichi Murai

23 March 2020
…and the uncut video of Zach Galla on The Game


While almost all the rest of the western world has stopped, the situation seems more reassuring in Japan...

From there, some news come regarding a couple of interesting ascents, starring the young Rei Kawamata, Nomura Shinichiro and Ryuichi Murai.

For Rei a remarkable exploit, the one day ascent of the famous 8C highball of Asagimadara! Recently, this line on Mount Mizugaki returned to be the protagonist with the repetition of Keenan Takahashi which revived one of the most repeated boulder of Japan. First ascended by Tokyo Muroi in 2011, before Kawamata and Takahashi it was indeed repeated by Toru Nakajima, Toshi Takeuchi, Jongwon Chon, Adam Ondra, Sachi Amma and Ryuichi Murai.

This latter climber is also the protagonist of a significant first ascent in an unspecified area of ​​Japan. On Instagram, Ryuichi reports that he needed three days to free the beautiful prow of Oiran, for which he proposes the 8B+.

On Mount Horai, three days ago Nomura Shinichiro instead sent the line of Byakudo, a long (25 movements) 8C of 2003 by Dai Koyamada, which became famous last year with the repetition of thirteen year old Mishka Ishi, third girl in the world to achieve the 8C boulder!

Finally, we also publish the uncut video (taken from the Mellow channel) of the ascent of Zach Galla of The Game, which took place a few days ago in the RMNP.


News: Instagram

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