Jernej Kruder and Paul Robinson send 8C

A first ascent for the slovenian and a relief for the american...

27 September 2018
The last top ascents from Europe to US


After a great season that saw him win the World Cup and the Adidas Rockstars, Jernej Kruder can return to focus on the rock, although we know that the Slovenian never abandons it and uses the outdoor practice as a training for the competitions. ... a more unique than rare case!

However, in Ribnik Marof, Slovenia, Jernej does the first ascent of the country's second 8C, linking the physical moves of the roof on which runs "Metafizika", this new creature.

Kruder gives news from his Instagram page, where he describes the ascent:

“Wind of change has blown through Slovenia today. Fresh cold breeze with addition of bright autumn rays that warm up your heart, keep your hands dry and cold enough to finish off second Slovenian 8c boulder problem. "Metafizika" goes to you @izidorzupan because without you, this line would never be found. But the wind also blew in Sopota few moments later, where I walked the line I really wanted to finish before I start working on the whole thing. I added a sit start to "In time" dyno start, which in my opinion deserves 8b+ grade. Now I'll try to link it into the upper part of the route as well...felt pretty close on my second go today"

Above is the video showing the successful attempt.

Not too far from Slovenia, in the Czech Republic, we also learn that Martin Stranik sent the 8B + of Ramajana in Petrohrad.

Instead, from Europe we now fly farther into the United States. In particular to Mt. Evans where in the Lincoln Lake area Paul Robinson has finally managed to send Delirium, 8C.

A line that made him suffer, as he admits on

"Relief! too many mishaps on the end of this one. should have done this days ago but i just kept messing up the top! very happy that this mini epic is OVER! onward to the next one on the list :) 7 more to go!"



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