A great Jimmy Webb in Rocklands!

And the 8B+ by Takahashi and Timonov

18 July 2019
Day after day, in Rocklands great ascents go on!


The 2019 season of Jimmy Webb in Rocklands is undoubtedly something exceptional. Only a couple of days ago we presented the ascent of Book Club's 8B+, which was actually just one of three that the american has climbed in these days! In addition, we must also add Red bottom sky and Shakey Warrior, both again 8B+.

Moreover, here is also the ascent of an 8C: Parzival, a line of 20 moves climbed last year by Dave Graham and now first repeated by Webb, who describes it as one of the best boulders among the last born in South Africa. Furthermore, again from his 8a.nu profile, we learn that at the end of June Jimmy also sent Monkey Wedding, one of the most popular 8C in the site.

Again in Rocklands, also his friend Keenan Takahashi is climbing hard: in the last few days he sent two 8B+, Sky and the old 8C of Black Eagle Sit Start, now graded definitively as 8B+.

Another old 8C, now rated 8B+ is Noise Vs Beauty, which has been now  repeated by the very strong Russian Vadim Timonov.

Finally, an update from Brazil: we learn in fact that Daniel Woods, in addition to the first ascent of Direct Hit 8C, has also sent the 8B+ of Enter the World, again on the beach of Ubatuba.


News: 8a.nu

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