8C for Keenan Takahashi in Japan!

On a great highball by Tokio Muroi…

07 November 2019
The last ascent by Keenan, who does not fear the high boulders!


Keenan Takahashi is in Japan, for a non-climbing trip as he said... Yet his desire to try Asagimadara was too strong!

A remarkable highball line sent by Tokio Muroi in Mizugaki in 2011, then repeated by Toru Nakajima and which Keenan climbed quickly on November 5, as he himself says on his instagram profile:

"A dream line completed!!! Despite not being a climbing trip, my only goal was to try Tokio Muroi’s legendary highball.⁣⁣⁣ Once I saw it, I vowed to do what was necessary to climb it at some point. Fortunately, that moment came quickly! ⁣"


News: Instagram

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