Kriptos! 8C for Elias Iagnemma

Elias enters the groups of 8C boulder climbers

09 November 2018
A great ascent for the winner of the 2018 bouldering Italian Cup on the limestone of Balsthal.


Kriptos, a boulder that became famous this year for the ascent by Kaddi Lehman, with which she became the second woman to send an 8C boulder.

A true, pure boulder: few intense movements on small holds that was first sent by Franz Widmer and then repeated by Fred Nicole and Kevin Heiniger. After them and Lehman, Elias Iagnemma is therefore the fifth climber of this line on the limestone of Balsthal, Switzerland, and thus he gains the first 8C boulder!

It was already clear that Iagnemma is in very good shape  this year he won the Italian Bouldering Cup, in Rocklands he climbed the famous Amandla, 8B + by Nicole and in the home areas he did the first ascent of some hard and intense routes.

By now we have no other information, but on his Instagram page, Elias promised the video of his ascent as soon as he will return home.




News: Instagram

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