The 8C of Squoze for Niky Ceria!

Great repeat for the visionary line by Jimmy Webb in Red Rocks

30 December 2019
A couple of sessions to send the young but already famous line of the Black Velvet Canyon.


After RMNP and Washington, Niccolò Ceria returned to Italy only to plan another imminent trip to the States, with destination the sandstone of Red Rocks!

For a few days, Niky has been showing us pictures of his climbs on Instagram and now a great ascent! Again on Instagram, our best boulderer announces the ascent of Squoze, the 8C line sent last year by Jimmy Webb immediately to the left of Sleepwalker and which has quickly become very popular (by the few who can ...). As always, in commenting on his ascent, Ceria presents a wider comment on more general topics of bouldering:

“I briefly attempted this wall back in January 2014. I remember I put a couple of pads underneath it and I pulled on some random holds which hadn't any senses to me. I wasn't able to pull both feet into the wall from any of the holds. After 15 minutes I went back to Wet Dream.

I enjoyed this climb a lot. But if I imagine myself opening something like that, it would have probably taken me ages. After getting close on my first (proper) session, I completed it on my second day.

This experience makes me reflect on a general topic. I think sometimes the visions and the efforts of the best first ascentionists are a bit underrated while, on another prospective, some repetitions can get often overrated! Hats off to Jimmy Webb for the incredible vision on his First Ascent!”


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