The last ascents by Shiraishi, Robinson and Cameroni

The young american is back to high-level boulder and new 8B+ in Ticino!

09 January 2019
From Tennessee to Switzerland to know the top ascents of last days.

It had been a while since we had heard about Ashima Shiraishi in bouldering!

The seventeen years old girl, the first woman to reach the 8C boulder with on the long lines of Horizon in Japan and Sleepy Rave in the Australian Grampians, has returned to high level on Lilly Boulders in Tennessee, where in a few attempts she climbed Fire in the Mountain and Testify , both of 8A +, and the 8B of Tilted World, as reported by its instagram page.

Again from instagram we receive information about Paul Robinson and Giuliano Cameroni, both performing in the Ticino valleys. For Paul comes the repetition of Heritage, an 8B + in Val Bavona opened by Carlo Traversi. For the Swiss local climbers instead another relevant first ascent, now in Brione. Here he found a new line that he sent and called Kubalik, proposing the 8B+.


News: Instagram

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