Lorenzi and Bombardi on fire!!!

Off the Wagon Low for Simon and Ziqqurat for Marcello

26 November 2021
A pair of great sends between Val Bavona and Gaby

In these days of always high power, the Belgian Simon Lorenzi returns under the lights while Marcello Bombardi still reconfirms that, despite being mainly a lead climber, he can be extremely strong even on boulders!

Let's start with our national athlete. In Gaby, in the Aosta Valley, Marci made the fourth ascent of Ziqqurat, an 8C line sent in 2015 by Niky Ceria and then repeated by Gabriele Moroni and most recently by Elias Iagnemma just a few weeks ago. A boulder problem on a roof of 24 movements that Bombardi has tried over the years and which challenged him in the endurance, confirming its extreme hardness. It is the first boulder of this difficulty for Marcello, who thus becomes one of the very few in the world to be able to climb both a 9b on the crag and an 8C boulder.

From the Aosta Valley to the Bavona Valley, where Simon Lorenzi climbs one of the most famous boulders in the world!

Off the Wagon is in fact one of the symbols of bouldering in recent years and its low version, rated 8C+, has made this icon one of the hardest problems on the globe. This legendary line, presented to the world by Graham and Sharma in Dosage 3 and then climbed by Nalle Hukkataival, has indeed become an 8B+ reference for which climbers from all over the world came in this valley in Ticino.

In November 2018, it was Shawn Raboutou who added a couple of extreme moves to start low, raising the difficulty. It was then necessary to wait until 2020 before Jimmy Webb and Daniel Woods were also able to repeat it in this low version. Despite the attempts of several top climbers who arrived in Sonlerto with this specific goal, only Giuliano Cameroni got a further ascent, in May 2021.

So here we are with Lorenzi, who in the last two months has been working hard on the low version, to find his betas on the singles and start the attempts. After several trips from Belgium and many falls, the good try finally arrived on Wednesday, with the fifth ascent of Off the Wagon Low!


Source: Instagram Bombardi / Lorenzi


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