Marine Thevenet arrives at the 8B+ boulder!

The strong french climber sends New Base Line in Magic Wood

07 October 2020
Top result in women's bouldering!


We left her in August on the Gotthard with her third 8B, Kingda Ka (also shownin the last Mellow video we published yesterday ...) and now Marine Thevenet is back with a great ascent, which makes her one of the few women to reach the 8B+!

Always encouraged by her partner Clement Lechaptois, the French boulderer arrived at Magic Wood to test herself on New Base Line, Bernd Zangerl's legendary line that has already seen several female repeats in the past.

In recent years, this line has in fact presented a great milestone for climbers such as Shauna Coxsey, Alex Puccio, Anna Stohr, Mile Heyden and most recently the Norwegian Linda Sjödin, who thus conquered one of the milestones in world bouldering.

With Marine, who announced the ascent from her Instagram profile, the women’s repeats of NBL become six, and for her it is certainly a well-deserved consecration to the top of world bouldering!


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