Nalle Hukkataival sends La Rustica, 8C

The extremely hard line in Val Bavona opened by Jimmy Webb

05 October 2018
A repeat of great value for the Finnish star...

La Rustica is a boulder opened by James Webb in 2013 in Val Bavona and then proposed by Jimmy as an hard 8B+.

Nalle Hukkataival has now made the first repetition and he published the video of the ascent on his Instagram page. Moreover, Nalle proposes with confidence a revaluation at 8C, which would have been the first on Webb’s list.

Here are the words of the Finnish:

“La Rustica! Opened by James Webb a good while back as his first 8C and hesitant to grade it that. Well safe to say it’s 8C as shit and also likely the hardest boulder problem in Switzerland. And exceptionally rad.
Although pretty nightmarish for shorter people, if the crux pocket was just 2 millimeters farther I’d be flat out of luck. So count your blessings. Feels fantastic to finish projects overcoming subpar conditions and making it count last chance before a massive rain front shuts things down for a long while! Most times it’s such an uphill battle with hard projects. But sometimes, very rarely, things just work out nice and smooth. An extremely rare treat to not get too used to. Thanks Jimmy for opening this amazing climb “

Fonte: instagram

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