Naoki Shimatani: another rockstar from Japan!

Boulder up to 8C/+ for the 24 years old climber from Chiba

07 June 2021
Again an exceptional boulderer from the Far East


That Japan is a hotbed of stratospheric climbers is now a fact, and it is probably the country that, right now, shows more 8C boulder climbers in the world!

In fact, it is precisely in bouldering that new and young stars seems goes on shining and are really impressive, as in the case of Naoki Shimatani.

Naoki, 24-year-old from Chiba, is however a climber who has shown great ascents for some time, but has so far remained somewhat in the shadows on the international scene. We now learn of its level thanks to the ascent of Babel, the famous 8C of about thirty movements that Dai Koyamada climbed at Shiobara in 2007 and that Shimatani climbed on May 26th.

However, looking at his Instagram profile, we discover that Naoki already climbed hard last October with the ascent of Asagimadara, the 8C highball by Tokyo Muroi on Mount Mizugaki and that in February 2020 he had even sent Hydrangea again in Shiobara. The latter line is also an 8C by Dai Koyamada, then revalued to 8C/+ due to the breaking of a hold.

To these great results, a consistent number of 8B + is added ... Results that speak for themselves to show us another star of Japanese bouldering!


News: Instagram

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