Oriane Bertone: another bomb in Bleau!

The repeat of Super Tanker, 8B+

18 January 2021
The 15-year-old Italian-French climber is back on the most famous sandstone


We left her at the end of May in Bleau, when, after the lockdown, Oriane Bertone started sending several 8B of the forest one after the other till the amazing FA of Satan I Helvete Low, the fourth 8C in women’s bouldering.

Today we find her again here in Fontainebleau, on the magical sandstone of the historic sector of Cuvier Rempart, and again, she is at the top!

On the boulder on which Atrésie is located, one of Bleau's most famous 8a, Oriane has repeated Super Tanker, an 8B+ trav: a traverse that starts on the left of the boulder to reconnect and exit on Atrésie and which was first climbed in 2007 by Antoine Vandeputte. After Antoine and before Oriane, this line had seen the repetitions of bleausards such as Jeremy Bonder and Alban Levier, followed then by the “foreigner” Jan Hojer. The ascent by Bertone is therefore the fifth one.

Despite the snow that also fell in the forest, Oriane found everything dry and in condition and was thus able to achieve this other exploit, of which you can see the video above.

If the young star from La Reunion is still in Bleau, something else could be on the way...unless the snow will stop bouldering in France too!


News: grimper.com/8a.nu

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