Oriane Bertone is the fourth woman climbing an 8C boulder!!

An historic first ascent in Bleau

27 May 2020
The news and video of the ascent on the EpicTV Relais Vertical YouTube channel


Oriane Bertone, the youngest star of the world boulder since years, has now really reached the top with a climb that enters in the history of this discipline!

For a few days we have been reporting news and videos of her great ascents in Fontainebleau and it is always here that the bomb explodes: Oriane sent a low start to Satan I Helvete in the Coquibus sector ... and she proposes the 8C boulder!

Flash news: Charles Albert also repeated Oriane's version, and he is uncertain between the 8B+ hard and the 8C ...


Satan I helvete is a historical boulder regarding the high difficulty in Bleau: first ascended in 2003 by Dave Graham and rated 8B, it then saw several repetitions until a hold broke. Re-climbed in 2016 by Alban Levier and rated 8C, it was also repeated by Charles Albert who proposed the 8B+.


However, Oriane has now climbed a low version that adds a hard movement to the previous start and that therefore led her to suggest the grade that is currently the top of the female bouldering.

In fact, before her, only Ashima Shiraishi with Horizon (2016), Kaddi Lehman with Kriptos (2018) and Mishka Ishi with Byaku-dou (2019) reached such difficulty!

In any case, even if this is an extension of an existing lines, this would be the first female first ascent of an 8C boulder problem ...


Above, the video of the ascent reported on EpicTV Relais Vertical.



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