First 8B for Giorgia Tesio!

For Giorgia the ascent of Fortunadrago in Varazze.

12 December 2018
In the famous area where she grew up, the young climber gets another great result!

Only Varazze could be the location where Giorgia Tesio would have reached the great result of 8B boulder! In fact, since she was very young she here reached great results and already four years ago she climbed her first 8A+ with Excalibur Sit. Now the ascent of Fortunadrago.

A boulder which is a symbol of Varazze, the first 8B of the area and one of the first in Italy, again created by Christian Core. So a very important and perfect line to inaugurate a new level in career.

Shortly before her, Simone Raina managed to send it too, a nice stimulus for Giorgia to give her maximum and climb the boulder.

Here are her comments from her Instagram page:

“It still feels incredible. Fortunadrago is the first 8b of Varazze, and MY first 8b!  Two weeks ago I went to Varazze looking forward to climbing on rocks again and relaxing with my friends, but then at the end of the day Simone Raina showed me that beautiful line and after some tries it started to seem possible, but I wasn’t able to do it.

So I came back last week: conditions were perfect, I couldn’t ask for a better company. Standing on the top of the boulder right after Simone was the cherry on the top of the cake and sharing this moment with my friends was priceless…

Now it’s time for new projects and training hard!”


Congratulations Giorgia!


news: Instagram

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