Rubén Díaz sends the Travesía de Arroita sin Pegado in the Cueva de Baltzola

A long and hystorical traverse between a boulder and a route

31 October 2018
 Fourth repetition of the visionary line conceived in 1994 by Iker Arroitajauregui.


La Travesía de Arroita is a famous line in the Cueva de Baltzola, born in 1994 when Iker Arroitajauregui climbed its 18 meters, proposing the 8C traverse grade. The original line contained an artificial hold and was repeated three years later by Rikar Otegi who graded it 9a, route grade.

With the passage of time and the evolution of ethics, the presence of that hold became particularly annoying and led Dani Andrada to look for a method to avoid its use, before the same Arroitajauregui completely removed the hold.

In 2006 Andrada managed to send the new version, proposing a grade of 8C+/ 9A, traverse grade, equivalent to 9a+ route grade, with the first 5 meters that alone were estimated as an 8B boulder.


After him, this emblematic line has been climbed also by Iban Larrión and Iker Pou, up to this latter repetition of Rubén Díaz, the fourth of the completely natural version.


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