In RMNP, the first 8C+ for Sean Bailey!

Great ascents in Colorado, including the second repeat of Box Therapy

19 October 2020
Sean is great also in bouldering!


The first to announce it was Isabella Faus from her Instagram profile, with a time lapse in which we see Sean Bailey send Box Therapy 8C +, his first problem of such difficulty! From what Faus reported, he climbed hard also the previous days, closing his first 8C, White Noise (another line by Daniel Woods). In addition, some other 8b+ easily sent...

Certainly with Box Therapy his entry to the upper level is even more impressive, with a line that we have already celebrated both on the occasion of the first ascent of Woods dating back to the end of October 2018, and for the first repeat of Drew Ruana which took place in July of this year.

An overhang on furious crimps that runs on a boulder over 3000 meters high in the Rocky Mountains, about ten kilometers from the car: a line that, again according to Isabelle Faus, has been sent by Sean with not so many problems...

Even if it is a sort of "debut" in bouldering, in reality Bailey's is a name that we already knew in the past: in 2016, just 20-year-old, he did the great repeat of Biographie at Ceuse while in 2019 it was Joe Mama's turn, again 9a+.


Another name in the present of American climbing!


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