Shawn Raboutou sends the first swiss 8C+!

Off The Wagon low start in Val Bavona

28 November 2018
The Swiss tour of Shawn goes on, with a really exceptional result.

We knew that Shawn Raboutou would have been soon the protagonist of some great ascent, but his last one is perhaps even more relevant than we could have expected!

After a summer full of results, after the first 8C+ boulder of Creature from the Black Lagoon in the RMNP and after having started greatly his Swiss tour only a few days ago, here is the bang!

Giuliano Cameroni gave the news on his instagram page, where he published a video of an attempt by Shawn on the low start to the mythical dyno of Off The Wagon in Val Bavona, saying that the American climbed the line immediately afterwards.

Probably everyone knows this line: found by Dave Graham and Chris Sharma years ago and reported in one of the episodes of Dosage, this extreme dyno with departure from a wagon became a symbol of bouldering in Ticino. It was first climbed by Nalle Hukkataival and graded 8C, then it settled on a solid 8B +.

Now Shawn has added a low start of a pair of physical moves with bad feet to connect to the initial dyno, which thus becomes far more extreme.

The final proposal for Off the Wagon Low is 8C+, which would be (again) the first in Ticino, since The Story of Two Worlds Low in Cresciano has been downgraded after the first repetitions.

With this climb, Raboutou further confirms as the strongest boulder climber fo the last months.

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