Stefano Carnati and Vadim Timonov great again in Ticino!!!

Stefano also sends The Story of Two Worlds, 8C...

16 December 2019
... and the Russian is impressive on Dreamtime and Off the Wagon!

Another weekend of great results in Ticino, again with protagonists Stefano Carnati and Vadim Timonov, a few days after their previous relevant climbs.


In Cresciano, after Dreamtime, Carnati moved to the other side of the boulder and also sends the famous The Story of Two Worlds, again 8C! Stefano published the video on his instagram page, while on he declared:

“Did The Dagger a few years ago and briefly tried the sit a couple of times this year. Climbed today after a long session. Possibly easier with all the new betas.”


Still in Cresciano, Vadim Timonov also announces on instagram the ascent of Dreamtime , as always quickly! Here are his comments on

"I spent three sessions. The first was wet but I did all the moves. The second was good, I was so close but heel hook moves were not stable. The third session was good. 2nd go from the start. In my opinion, it’s a normal 8C. The Kingdom was easier for me...”

Vadim then moved to Val Bavona and again on instagram he published the video of his ascent of the mythical Off The Wagon 8B+ ... which he climbed on his second go, after sadly missing the flash climb!


Finally, we also mention a nice ascent by Alizée Dufraisse who climbed Meadowlark Lemon Stand 8A/B in Red Rocks.


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