Stranik, Ruana and Coudert: an 8c bloc trio!

And some italian ascents...

10 February 2020
Great bouldering results all over the world!


After a calm week, in the last days we witnessed an explosion of great power in several world spots.

A couple of days ago the first climbs in Ticino, by the very strong Czech Martin Stranik: after quickly sending Casavino's 8b + in Brione, Martin moved to Valle Bavona to climb one of the last 8c born by Jimmy Webb / Giuliano Cameroni. For him, only two sessions in two days for the long line of Primitivo and above we can see the video of his repetition.

From Ticino to Bleau, where Camille Coudert, who revealed himself last year with the repetition of La Force, has now repeated the popular The Big Island. On his instagram profile he published the video of the climb, which required a total of six sessions, four of which only to find the most appropriate beta for him. Always here, he announces his next project: the legendary and still unclimbed sit start of this 8C!

Then Drew Ruana returns again, after the last exceptional exploits in Red Rocks. Still sandstone for him, but this time it's that of Joe's Valley. As Drew reports on his instagram profile, it took him seven sessions to connect five extreme movements on the 8B to Pagan Poetry low 8A + for a total of 13 power endurance movements. The final result is Pegasus, first ascent again of 8C!

We also learn from the woguclimbing instagram page about a fruitful bouldering period for James Pearson in the second half of January: visiting the Spanish area of ​​Alcaniz, James not only sent his first 8B + boulder by repeating Nacho's Master & Cifuentes Sanchez, but has also climbed a new direct version of 8B+, called Ba-Boom Sit Start.

Finally, we end this rich update with a couple of Italian 8B ascents. The first dates back to last weekend by Luca Strepparava, who repeated Conquistador Direct in Chironico; the second instead features Marco Zanone who in Noasca flashed the 8A of Tirati Torinesi to then add and climb the sit start version around the 8B!



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