The Story of Two Worlds for Niky Ceria!

And the uncut video of Scarperi on Big Illusion

30 October 2020
Years later Niky returns to Cresciano and immediately sends!


We left him in Ticino before the lockdown, on the occasion of the great FA of The Innocent Man and now we find it again in Switzerland with another remarkable ascent!

More than five years after his last visit, Niky Ceria returned to Cresciano where, as he announces on his Instagram page, he managed to quickly climb the legendary The Story of Two Worlds!

His ascent of The Dagger (8B) dates back to 2012, and now he completed the full line first sent by Dave Graham, considered a milestone in bouldering. In fact, it is one of the 8C of reference worldwide and every year it attracts top boulderers from all over the world, willing to confront with this page of history.

Niky climbed it on 25 October and on Instagram so describes the sensations he received from it:

“It was a mesmerizing experience. My body and mind remembered every move perfectly in detail and, despite it has been 5 years, it felt that the last attempts were from the day before. This feeling happens very rarely in climbing and probably for this reason I enjoyed it more than what I expected.”

Another historical and extreme boulder problem marked in the list!


From Ceria we return to Stefan Scarperi, fresh from the beautiful FA of Big Illusion in Val Daone: the uncut video is available on the Mellow channel, in which we can finally understand what the first 8C in the valley consists of!


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