Another incredible first ascent for Charles Albert

In Bas Cuvier he creates a new 8C+ line

06 December 2018
The weird sit start of the famous Hypothèse


Charles Albert has proved his exceptional level on countless occasions, yet he can surprise us every time.

After the first 8C + of Fontainebleau with La revolutionnaire low start at Gros Sablons, now Charles finds another, incredible sit start! At Bas Cuvier, a symbol of Bleau, where he had already climbed Belial, 8C sit, on the boulder of the Aerodynamite last year, Charles climbs now the sit start of the legendary Hypothese.

Hypothese, 7C+ stand start, is one of the most historically important lines in the entire Forest. For those who know this line, it is an enigma how Albert could have managed to do a sit start, given the almost non-existence of holds. Yet the boy succeeded! Two extreme movements to raise the grade from 7C + to 8C +, starting from a fragile undercling to take the starting crimp of the stand version ... we cannot even imagine the extreme intensity that these movements could have.

Obviously, needless to say, the young Mowgli of the forest has climbed this monstrosity barefoot.

Let's see if this new line will ever be repeated by someone ...



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